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Our Mission

To support and empower individuals to mitigate mental health challenges and to maximize the potential of individuals and families through the provision of high-quality, person centered behavioral health services.

Our Vision 

To be a standard-bearer of high quality, client-centered behavioral healthcare focused on the well-being of our clients and community.

Our Core Values


We are trustworthy. We do what we say we will do. We have the courage to do the right thing. We welcome accountability.


We honor the dignity, autonomy and rights of each person.  We are considerate of each other's feelings, values, and points of view.


We are committed to pursuing the highest possible standards at every level of the organization.  We strive to become the benchmark through innovation and initiative.  We emphasize continuous improvement.


We are committed to a positive environment in which everyone may experience a sense of belonging and worth.  We honor relationships and take responsibility for fostering trust and respect. We desire to make a difference in the lives of others.


 We believe in the power of working together. Shared goals and mutual support yield greater success.


We listen actively and seek to understand. We show patience and offer support.

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