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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

MHMSM Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) supports individuals with mental conditions to achieve a greater level of independence. Our Rehabilitation Staff provides services within the home and the community. Our Staff support clients (children and adults) with learning and developing improved independent living skills (nutrition, organizational skills, time management skills, and financial management), in addition to social activities, academic skills, prosocial skills and healthy coping mechanisms. PRP services are free to eligible individuals with Maryland Medicaid.

Therapeutic Behavioral Services

MHMSM children and adolescents program is an intensive, individualized service for children and youths up to the age of 21, who are diagnosed with a mental illness or developmental disability. The program focuses on developing prosocial and life skills to support clients in achieving and sustaining the highest degree of independence and improving their overall quality of life. Services are provided in the family’s home and in the community.

PRP Eligibility and Intake for Adults

To be eligible for our program, adults must satisfy ALL of the following requirements:

1. Referral from treating Licensed Mental Health             Professional

2. Maryland Medicaid and/or proof of application

3. A psychiatric diagnosis that meets the priority               population

4. Intake and Rehabilitation Assessment                             with MHMSM Staff

PRP Eligibility and Intake for Youth

To be eligible for our program, youth must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • 5-17 years of age

  • Referral from treating Licensed Mental Health Professional

  • Have a qualifying diagnosis from a licensed mental health professional

  • Currently, have ACTIVE Maryland State Medicaid

  • Intake and Rehabilitation Assessment with MHMSM staff.


Independent Living and Community Living Skills Training

Personal Finance/Budgeting


Academic Support


Emotional Management

Personal Safety

Social Skills and Interpersonal




Socialization/Social Activities

Creative Activities



Planning and Meal Preparation

Managing Medications


Healthcare Promotion

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